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West Palm beach Roof Repair

Have you been thinking of getting some roof repair work done but you’re still confused about what it all entails? Well, you have come to the right place, we have all the information you need.

What is roof repair?
Roof repair is the process of restoring a roof to its former glory using expert knowledge and tools. Different approaches are used depending on the roof issues you are dealing with.

Signs that it’s time to get roofing repairs
Immediately you notice any roof damage, you should get repairs done. While it may be tempting to wait things out, it really just makes things worse. So what are the signs to look out for? Well, here are a few:

  • Missing or worn out shingles

You can identify worn-out shingles by their appearance. They can be cracked, curled, dark, or even constantly wet. To make matters worse, you may even notice tons of shingle granules in the gutters.

If some of your shingles are worn-out or even missing, you should enlist expert roof repair services. However, if the issue is widespread, it may be advisable to go for a re-roof or roof replacement.

  • Algae and moss growth

When moisture builds up in your roof, algae and moss grow out uncontrollably. Not only does this look terrible but it’s also detrimental to your roof’s health. As such, it should be dealt with immediately.

  • Light in the attic

One of the most obvious signs that your home or business roof has a serious problem is when you see sunlight shine through it and into your attic. This indicates gaps and holes that could give way to roof leaks and other issues.

Advantages of timely roofing repair
In case you’re still not sold on the importance of timely roof repairs, here are a few advantages to stew on:

  • It costs less

Truth be told, it is cheaper to repair your roof sooner than later. If you don’t do it early, your roof damage will escalate and eventually cost you so much more. Moreover, the sooner you get repairs done the higher your chances of getting it paid for by your insurance company.

Should it ever come to light that you took ages to get your roofing repairs done, your insurance company may only cover part of the costs, leaving you to pay the rest out of pocket.

  • It extends the lifespan of your roof

While fixing a leak or a missing shingle may seem like something small, it substantially prevents damage escalation. This prevents the need to re-roof or replace your roof in the near future, substantially extending its lifespan.

  • It will earn you more when you sell your house

In case you are planning to sell your house soon, it is in your best interest to fix your roof up. An unwillingness to do so may make you miss out on any buyers or have to settle for a lower price. It is amazing how much difference a few dollars spent on repair can make.

What repair services do we offer?
If you have finally decided to get your residential and commercial roofing repairs done, look no farther. We are ready to help you. As a trusted roofing company in West Palm Beach Florida, we provide some of the most comprehensive roof repair services in the region.

Our roofing repair contractors can comfortably handle storm damage, punctures, open seams, and leak repair. What ‘s more? After the repair, we also provide an informational repair report and some followup. Of all our repair services, leak repair is undoubtedly our most sought after one.

As such, we have worked extremely hard to perfect our expertise in this area. Consequently, there is currently nothing we can’t do. We are experienced in finding and fixing flat, shingle, and even TPO roof leaks.

While fixing shingle roof leaks can be as simple as replacing a shingle, flat roof leaks require something else; the resealing of the EPDM membranes. On the other hand, we fix TPO roof leaks by welding a patch on the roof.

To do so, our roofing repair contractors use patching material, electricity, and a welding tool. Ultimately, every type of roof requires a special type of treatment, and we do the best we can to give it such.

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